Geneviève ROUANES 


Self-taught painter, I am paiting since 1989 for my pleasure, to share and transmit my emotions, when I am in front of a lovely landscape, pretty faces, beautiful fruits, lastly in front of the whole nature which is given to our eyes.

Far from any theory and fashion, I paint as I feel. Of course, I have had to get year after year different techniques of expression.

First I read a lot, then I frequented some painting classes in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, then in the Oriental Pyrenees, since I decided to leave any professional activity to paint.

I work alone in my studio from drawings made out’doors and photos which capture the always moving light. I not very often paint out’doors, sun and wind are not my friends when I want to make an oil on canvas ! I only can make little watercolor paintings and drawings.

By painting in my studio, I find serenity and necessary concentration to the achievement of my work, nothing and nobody stops the elaboration and the execution of my idea.

I take delight to paint landscapes of my region or of other countries. I like the sea and its coasts, rivers, old stones touch me, they talk me about the past, I like the earth, the sky and its so moving colors.

If sometimes my colors seem to be exaggerate, it’s because I want to share the violent emotion I felt.

A travel book is always with me when I travel abroad and it becomes now my favorite activity.